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Discover Simr: Elevating Engineering with SimOps

Simr is the ultimate engineering simulation automation platform designed to elevate engineering productivity and empower simulation-driven decision-making. By streamlining and simplifying complex simulation processes, Simr accelerates product innovation like never before.

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Advanced Features for Unmatched Productivity and Innovation

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Simr Engineering Desktop: Empowering Simulation Innovation

The Simr Engineering Desktop eliminates barriers with a comprehensive, self-service environment for end-to-end simulation workflows. Enjoy an intuitive web interface, pre-configured environments, and integration with tools like ANSYS and Abaqus. Virtualization and secure containers provide robust, cloud-based performance and security. Advanced visualization tools enable real-time modeling and analysis, while automated workflows reduce setup times and errors. Support for multi-physics simulations and optimized HPC infrastructure ensures peak performance. Dynamic resource allocation ensures efficient and cost-effective execution. Empower your teams to innovate freely and bring superior products to market faster.

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Control Your Cloud: Secure, Compliant, and Cutting-Edge

Simr provides seamless operation across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premise environments, ensuring unparalleled control, visibility, and governance. Our platform enhances security and compliance, protecting sensitive information while integrating seamlessly with your IT infrastructure. By automating updates, security patches, and platform monitoring, Simr allows IT and engineering teams to focus on high-value tasks, leveraging the latest simulation technologies. Empower your teams with a fully managed platform that boosts productivity and fosters innovation, ensuring your simulations are always at the cutting edge.

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Elevating Productivity with Advanced Simulation Automation

Simr’s platform automates simulation workflows from setup to post-processing, enhancing efficiency, consistency, and repeatability. The steep learning curve for managing simulation environments is reduced through automation using best practices. Simr seamlessly integrates with tools like ANSYS, Abaqus, and COMSOL, replacing repetitive, manual, and error-prone tasks with streamlined processes. The platform supports various applications, automating tasks such as mesh generation and job submission, ensuring precision and compliance. With robust security and cost-efficiency, Simr enables engineers to focus on innovation. By managing complexity, Simr facilitates comprehensive analyses and continuous improvement, making high-fidelity simulations more accessible and productive.

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Optimized for Cost, Engineered for Innovation

Simr offers straightforward, per-user pricing, eliminating charges for compute resources and encouraging extensive simulation use. Leveraging user-owned cloud resources and advanced license management, Simr ensures compliance and optimizes costs. Automation minimizes waste and dynamically allocates resources based on demand, enhancing efficiency. Integrated cost management tools and sustainable practices further reduce expenses. Simr empowers engineers to focus on innovation without financial constraints, driving productivity and competitive advantage in a secure, scalable environment.

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