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Empowering the Future of Engineering

We're leading the simulation economy, using rapid, high-fidelity simulations to drive innovative product design. Our platform utilizes SimOps to cut the time from concept to product by automating simulations for effective simulation-driven decisions. Simr removes computational and operational barriers, enabling engineering teams to innovate freely and efficiently with superior quality and faster development.



Empowering Simulation-Driven Decision-Making for All

Our mission is to democratize access to high-fidelity simulations for every engineer, revolutionizing product design and manufacturing by streamlining and simplifying simulation processes. We believe in empowering engineers to exceed their potential, unshackled by hardware limitations or the complexity of traditional simulation workflows. Simr is committed to providing an unparalleled, no-compromise engineering experience, making the most advanced simulations accessible and manageable through automation. By harnessing the power of SimOps, we enable engineers to focus on innovation and design excellence, transforming how products are conceived and developed.

Automotive engineering simulation

Leadership That Inspires Innovation


Burak Yenier

CEO & Co-Founder

Burak's expertise lies in operationalizing high-performance computing and cloud technologies to address real-world challenges. Prior to Simr, he played a crucial role in scaling a SaaS company in the banking sector, emphasizing his prowess in managing large-scale, high-availability systems. At Simr, Burak focuses on simplifying the cloud for engineers, ensuring that Simr's platform is as powerful as it is user-friendly.


Wolfgang Gentzsch

President & Co-Founder

Wolfgang is a luminary in the fields of high-performance computing and cloud technologies. His career includes pivotal roles such as the Chairman of the ISC Cloud Conference, Director of the Open Grid Forum, and Senior Director of Grid Computing at Sun Microsystems. Wolfgang's visionary leadership at Simr is driven by his commitment to transforming the accessibility of computational power for engineers around the world.


Thomas Francis

Head of Products

With over two decades of experience in enterprise software, cloud, and IT operations, Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge to Simr. His background includes launching cloud businesses at Dell and leading product management at various technology firms. Thomas's leadership in product strategy at Simr is integral to delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of the engineering community.


Russell Huffman


Russ has over 20 years’ experience in building go-to-market strategies and leading Sales, and Solutions Engineering for Series B to $150M+ technology organizations. He is a data-driven leader that has built sales from $0-$20M & from $90-$120M at VC-funded startups. With an exclusive focus on Enterprise Sales his product experience spans complex software solutions aimed at manufacturing, finance, and insurance sectors. Russ holds a M.S. in Engineering from the University of Michigan.


Metin Gokcen

Head of Professional Services

Metin is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in business applications, specializing in professional services, client relationship management, and team building. He co-founded a software services company that grew to $50 million in six years and held senior positions with Fortune 500 companies. Metin enjoys bridge, backgammon, travel, fine food, and soccer, where he is a coach and USSF referee.


Rolando Locci

Head of Finance

Rolando is a senior operations, strategy and financial planning leader. He works closely with the UberCloud executive team to generate informed and successful business strategies by systematically solving marketing, sales, production, labor and financing challenges. Over his 25+ year career, he has advised leaders at multi-billion-dollar corporations such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 3PAR, Synopsys, Cadence Design Systems and Hitachi Data Systems, as well as startup ventures. Rolando holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and an Economics degree from UCLA.


Driving Productivity Through SimOps

Simr's unique approach to Simulation Operations Automation (SimOps) automates the tedious manual tasks traditionally associated with simulations. This not only accelerates the design process and fosters innovation but also significantly enhances product quality. Our platform's impact is evident across industries, where it has enabled engineering feats previously thought impossible, demonstrating the potential to increase engineering productivity by up to 40X.

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