Empowering Rapid, Data-Driven Decisions Across the Product Lifecycle

Experience the future of product development with Simr, where we streamline complex simulations to empower rapid, informed decisions across the entire product lifecycle. Our platform integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, enhancing productivity, quality, ensuring security, and reducing operational overhead.



Empowering Engineers with Advanced Simulation Automation.

At Simr, we are at the forefront of the SimOps revolution, harnessing the power of automation to transform simulation operations. Our innovative platform minimizes the complexities of high-performance computing (HPC) environments, allowing engineers to focus on innovation. This paradigm shift enhances engineering workflows, enabling rapid product development and fostering an environment of continuous innovation. With Simr, your team is relieved from operational overhead, giving them the freedom to excel at what they do best—pioneering solutions and pushing the boundaries of product innovation.

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why choose Simr?

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No-Compromise Engineering Experience

Experience unparalleled engineering workflows with Simr’s scalable platform, consistently optimizing environments tailored for each simulation task. Seamlessly integrate with tools like ANSYS and COMSOL for advanced multi-physics simulations. Our intuitive platform dynamically allocates cloud resources, ensuring optimal performance, security, and precision for every application, enabling rapid iterations and meticulous analysis without compromising quality.

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Security at its Core

With Simr, security isn't an afterthought—it's foundational. Deployed within your secure environment, Simr ensures that all data remains under your control, fully compliant with industry standards. This offers peace of mind and robust protection against security threats, safeguarding your sensitive information at all times.

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Streamlined Automation

Simr revolutionizes the simulation lifecycle, automating each stage from design to execution. By integrating seamlessly with leading tools like ANSYS, Abaqus, and COMSOL, Simr offers a no-compromise solution that ensures optimal use of cloud resources. This automation not only streamlines complex workflows but also significantly speeds up simulations, enabling engineers to swiftly move from modeling to analysis. The platform supports a variety of simulations, maintaining consistent environments and optimizing workflows tailored to specific engineering needs, thereby maximizing productivity and quality.

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Enterprise IT-friendly

Simr enables IT teams to fully leverage their cloud infrastructure on major platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as manage on-premise environments efficiently. This versatility allows for optimal use of both cloud and local resources, ensuring Simr deployments are adaptable to any IT landscape. The platform’s seamless integration with existing systems enhances operational efficiency and ensures compliance with security protocols, aligning with corporate IT standards.

Who is Using Simr

We drive product innovation & market leadership at 3 of the world’s top 7 companies.


“Simr is critical to making our vision of zero-emissions mining operations and cement plants possible by 2030.”


“Freudenberg is moving its engineering simulations to Microsoft Azure. With Simr, we are now using a fully automated, customized, self-service HPC infrastructure for our applications.”


“Simulations for lightning strikes might seem like a complicated way to start our migration to the cloud, but compared to an on-premises solution, the complexity — and with it the effort — was much lower, because the implementation of the technical details were handled by Simr.”


“Our engineering teams rely on Simr to take their designs to new heights. What we’re doing today was unthinkable even a few years ago.”


Industry Analysts Weigh In

Leading analysts agree SimOps is essential and affirm Simr’s role in driving innovation. CIMdata highlights SimOps for enhancing simulation-driven design with high-fidelity digital twins and praises Simr’s platform for global collaboration. Intersect360 Research points out that SimOps makes simulations more accessible and efficient, with Simr reducing complexity for engineering and IT. Cambashi underscores the strategic advantage of maximizing simulation-driven decisions with cloud enablement, crediting Simr for accelerating innovation and providing impactful solutions.

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Introducing Simops

Designed for SimOps

Simulation Operations Automation (SimOps) fundamentally reshapes product development by addressing key challenges such as prolonged simulation times, high operational complexity, and inefficient technology integration. Simr implements these SimOps best practices to streamline every aspect of the simulation lifecycle, significantly speeding up processes and enhancing the overall quality of outcomes. By deploying Simr, engineers gain the capabilities necessary to overcome traditional bottlenecks, enabling a focus on innovation and the swift application of insights into strategic and tactical decisions.

Read more about SimOps here

Engineering Productivity

Simr is expertly tailored for every engineering experience, seamlessly integrating advanced SimOps best practices to optimize familiar simulation apps, workflows, and codes. This integration automates repetitive tasks and standardizes processes across teams and geographies, effectively eliminating operational bottlenecks. As a result, engineers benefit from a workflow that not only boosts productivity but also fosters collaboration without the constraints of traditional environments.

IT Unencumbered

Simulation processes are fully integrated into enterprise IT toolchains and conform to existing security and governance policies. Standards-based technologies provide IT with visibility and manageability without requiring the learning of new technologies. IT can take full advantage of cloud provider services to further simplify their work and support simulation.

Simulation-Driven Decisions

Use simulation data to validate design and manufacturing decisions before they become costly. Integrate simulation into up- and downstream processes and run complex system-level simulations that speed time to market and reduce errors and defects.

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Simr Industry Recognition

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How it works?

Run simulations anytime and anywhere

Discover Simr’s fully automated, self-service simulation platform.

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our faqs

Questions? We’re glad to help.

What is the cost structure of the Simr Platform?

Simr offers straightforward, per-user pricing, eliminating charges for individual simulations. Customers provide their own compute resources, allowing organizations to leverage their cloud service agreements for cost efficiency. Simr enables organizations to deploy simulations within their own cloud environments, including public, private, and on-premise clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

How does Simr manage high-performance computing (HPC) complexity?

Simr simplifies HPC management by automating infrastructure setup and maintenance, reducing the operational burden on IT teams and allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives. This streamlined approach decreases complexity for engineering teams, enabling them to concentrate on innovation and design. By leveraging advanced technologies and best practices, Simr ensures efficient and effective management of HPC environments, making simulation-driven decision-making more accessible and productive.

What types of simulations can be run on the Simr Platform?

Simr supports a wide range of simulations, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), multi-physics simulations, and system-level simulations, catering to complex engineering needs.

What makes Simr different and better?

Simr stands out by focusing on optimizing simulation operations through best practices, providing a user-friendly, secure, and scalable platform that enhances simulation-driven decision-making across various industries. Additionally, Simr leverages customer infrastructure resources for greater flexibility and cost efficiency.

Can Simr be integrated with existing engineering and simulation tools?

Yes, Simr seamlessly integrates with major simulation tools like ANSYS, Abaqus, and COMSOL, as well as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, enhancing workflow efficiency without disrupting established processes.

How does Simr ensure the security and compliance of simulation data?

Simr integrates advanced security measures such as encryption, Identity-Aware Proxy Services, and compliance with standards like GDPR and HIPAA, ensuring data protection and regulatory adherence. Customers are empowered to utilize their existing policies and controls to protect sensitive data and meet regulatory requirements.