HPC as a service

HPC as a service

Why is it important and what can it do for you?
HPC as a service

IT's job has getting more complex


In the beginning... IT had to build, maintain and manage the hardware stack with no help

...then IT got some relief with tools to manage the infrastructure

...now IT finally has the tools to manage the full stack with HPC as a Service!


Security  from the ground up

  • Connections are protected by strong encryption techniques such as HTTPS and VPN. Servers are protected with firewalls.
  • Data at rest can be encrypted. Optional disk and file level encryption are both available.
  • Single tenant server deployments which are not shared between customers. Servers reside in Advania’s professionally managed, highly secured data centers.
Cloud Security
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Complete HPC as a service 

  • HPE's HPC as a Service Stack featuring unique cluster provisioning and management capabilities
  • UberCloud's production-ready software containers for engineering software with full GUI capabilities
  • Public cloud with Advania and private cloud with HPE's Global Pool of hardware resources




Build your simulation capability in the cloud.